Accepted Talks

Some heroes do wear a KAPE
Presented by Jeremiah Bess
An Incident Responder with 17 years of Cybersecurity experience, including 12 years of Air Force service. Linux geek. Father of nerdlings.
Harry Potter and the Use of Low Cost SDR and Open Source ELK Stack to Implement an Aviation Data Link Capture Infrastructure
Presented by Carl Schuett and Jesse Young
Jesse and Carl are Security Researchers for QED Secure Solutions. A small security firm that specializes in security research and assessments of embedded devices, critical infrastructure, and medical systems. Jesse has extensive cybersecurity experience both with QED as well as with the Air National Guard, Microsoft, and Kaiser Permanente. Carl joined QED after retiring from the Air Force and is everything you would expect from someone with years of government service.
The Security Impacts of COVID-19 and Working From Home
Presented by Professor Kilroy
Kerry Hazelton - better known by his hacker handle of "Professor Kilroy" - has spent nearly twenty five years between Information Technology and Security, and over that time has developed considerable experience with systems and network support, data center operations, and information security. As such, he considers himself a “cybersecurity enthusiast” due to his desire and motivation to read up on the latest trends within the industry, to learn about a new exploit or tool, or his willingness to teach and share with others his experiences over the years. He is the creator of the Cloud Forensics Challenge, which is an all-day technical workshop and CTF competition that focuses on learning about the science of cloud forensics and its real-world applications to test students' comprehension and their skills.
Covert Cognizance: Embedded Intelligence for Physical Process Defense
Presented by Arvind Sundaram
Arvind Sundaram is a third-year Ph.D. student from Manama, Bahrain, in the School of Nuclear Engineering at Purdue University, where he works on cybersecurity research for industrial systems. His work focuses on developing self-awareness in industrial systems to protect them from sophisticated threats such as insider attacks and advanced persistent threats. His research employs a form of active fingerprinting to create system signatures that cannot be reverse-engineered by AI and machine-learning algorithms. He hopes to extend the work to data masking, source verification, and data recovery in compromised environments.
Implementing Cybersecurity for Distributed Wind: An Exercise in ICS Security Application
Presented by Megan Culler
Megan Culler (INL) is a power system engineer and researcher for Idaho National Laboratory. She received a B.S. degree in electrical engineering in 2019 from Texas A&M University, and an M.S. degree in electrical engineering in 2021 from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Culler has worked at INL since 2019, most recently as a graduate fellow. Her research interests include distributed energy resource integration and cybersecurity for power systems.
Cyber Insider Threats & Physical Security
Presented by Charlie Nickerson
Charlie Nickerson: Research Analyst for Nuclear Systems.
Mark Fabro: CEO of Lofty Perch, Lover, Poet, and Hacker.
Threat Intelligence and Sensemaking
Presented by S. Freeman
No Bio
ICS Cybersecurity Battleground
Presented by Mark Stacey
some guy
Maker-Breaker Bias -- Why We Are Still Creating Vulnerable Technology and What Can be Done
Presented by Ginger Wright
Virginia “Ginger” Wright is the Energy Cybersecurity Portfolio Manager for Idaho National Laboratory’s Cybercore division within its National and Homeland Security directorate. She leads programs focused on cybersecurity and resilience of critical infrastructure for DOE, DARPA and other government agencies including DOE’s CyTRICS™ program. Ms. Wright’s recent research areas include supply chains for operational technology components, incident response, critical infrastructure modeling and simulation, and nuclear cybersecurity. Ms. Wright has a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems/Operations Management from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

As long-time supporters of BSides, and all community-centric educational opportunities... BSides is thrilled that the College of Eastern Idaho will be hosting this years event, in conjunction with the Grand Opening of their new CEI Cyber Facility. Since they are graciously allowing our confrence to happen we will be following all of their COVID-19 procedures and we ask you to also follow their rules on COVID-19. You can find more information about their COVID-19 procedures here.