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Accepted Workshops

A Town Hall on Cyber Resources for Local Educators & Parents
Conducted by Idaho's National Laboratory
October 1st 1-2 hours
Are you a local educator or parent with an interest in expanding your children's, school's, or community's awareness surrounding local cyber security resources? Come meet with local experts from Idaho's National Laboratory who can help open the aperture on what awesome resources are available to you right in your own backyard! This will be a town-hall style session (likely held during the day's lunch hour) Come as you are!
Pre-Requisites: None
Packet CTF
Conducted by CompuNet
October 1st Half-Day
PacketCTF is a network-focused capture the flag (CTF) exercise, using packet capture files (pcaps) that participants can download from the gameboard. PacketCTF uses the CTFd gameboard and runs as a jeopardy-style game with individual players. Players that finish at the top are eligible for prizes provided by CompuNet!
Pre-Requisites: Laptop/access to internet at conference
Cloud Forensics Challenge
Conducted by Kerry Hazelton
October 1st All Day
After a year's hiatus, the Cloud Forensics Challenge team is back and is pleased to introduce their latest version of their all-day training workshop and CTF Challenge that has earned them high praise from many prior attendees. As before, the first half of the workshop will focus on how to gather evidence and conduct the investigation; with the second half being the CTF Challenge itself taking place in a live environment where students will have to search for "flags" to redeem and earn points.
Pre-Requisites: Laptop
Introductory Embedded Device Course
Conducted by QED Secure Solutions
October 1st All Day
This workshop will introduce students to basic characteristics of embedded devices, discuss differences and similarities of embedded devices compared with traditional computers, and provide a hands-on opportunity for students to assess and exploit their own embedded device (RPi 4 starter kit will be provided to each student for them to take home)
Pre-Requisites: Laptop
OSINT Scavenger Hunt
Conducted by Pi Café
October 1st All Day
Join PiCafe for our Open-Source Intelligence Scavenger Hunt! Security Northwest, a trusted and valued company protecting hundreds of businesses, has recently been hacked! Your journey begins on the scene at a defaced website. Follow the clues across the web and discover more about the attacker and who might be the next victim!
Pre-Requisites: Laptop/access to internet at conference

As long-time supporters of BSides, and all community-centric educational opportunities... BSides is thrilled that the College of Eastern Idaho will be hosting this years event, in conjunction with their Grand Opening of the new CEI Cyber Facility. Since they are graciously allowing our confrence to happen we will be following all of their COVID-19 procedures and we ask you to also follow their rules on COVID-19. You can find more information about their COVID-19 procedures here.